Lessons in The Netherlands – Clinics abroad

For riders of any age and level who want to train for competition or for those who simply want to learn and work on the basis of dressage.

As I am currently based in The Netherlands I am able to give lessons at your own stables in the province of Noord Holland, mainly in the area of Amsterdam and surroundings. If the distance to your stables is longer than 35km or if your horse is stabled in other province, the travel costs would be higher. Therefore I recommend to organize a clinic with at least 2 or 3 combinations.

I am also available to give Dressage Clinics all over the world, so I can travel wherever you are and teach you and other participants personally.


Online Program – LRD Dressage Training Online

With the LRD Dressage Training Online program, the time or country won’t be a problem anymore.

For only 69,99€ (+ VAT) you have the opportunity to send me your videos during a training session or at a show and you will get all my feedback, a personalized and structured training plan, training follow-up during the following months, tips on how to ride a good test at competitions, advice on sport horse care, possibility to communicate anytime via social media, Whatsapp or phone, and much more!

To get the complete information about the online program just check our website www.lrd-dressage.com

Training your horse

It’s possible to train your horse of 4 years of age and older (already saddle broken) at your own stable in Noord Holland or board them at our facilities in the area of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The training will be focused on educating the horse towards higher levels and preparing him to compete at National or even International venues if the owner wishes to.

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